General Description

In this hour of the Church when God is restoring proper apostolic order to His Body and demanding accountability from His leaders, the House of Elijah has been established to provide proper biblical covering for senior pastors and their churches.  In seeking to obtain covering, any senior pastor, having been led by the Spirit of God to submit themselves beneath the fathering care of Bishop Neil C. Ellis, may endeavor to do so through this ministry.

Once accepted into the family, that senior pastor will then enter into covenant with Bishop Ellis and the existing members of this household.  The biblical model upon which this ministry is based is taken from II Kings 2:1-10and as the text suggests, all persons who truly connect and submit should expect to receive a “double portion” of the anointing that is upon the father.

Through this body, those in covenant together will seek to corporately enter into spiritual activities as well as corporate endeavors in order to advance and further establish the kingdom of God here on earth.

Covenant Expectations

Expectations from Bishop Ellis

Unlike what is normally required, there are no financial demands for admission to and/or continued membership in the House of Elijah.  Nevertheless, following biblical principles, all sons and daughters are expected to sow into the life of their father.

All sons and daughters are expected to regular cover their spiritual father in prayer.

Sons and Daughters are expected to support all aspects of the Father’s vision.  This includes:

  1. Television Ministry
  2. Book and Tape Ministry

Sons and Daughters are expected to support his local and international itinerary whenever possible.

Sons and Daughters are expected to attend the following:

  1. The House of Elijah’s Annual Holy Convocation
  2. Station Identification or Week In The Word
  3. The bi-annual pastors and church leaders conference sponsored by Bishop Ellis

All sons and daughters are expected to consult with and/or inform the Bishop of any major decision in his/her life or ministry.

All local sons and daughters are expected to attend the weekly scheduled Tuesday meeting with the father held at Mount Tabor at 9:30 a.m. (2 Hrs.)

Bishop Ellis reserves the right to dis-fellowship any member at any time without notice.

Expectations from Sons and Daughters

  • To give spiritual guidance
  • To cover each Pastor in Prayer
  • To be a mentor in ministry
  • It is expected that the Bishop attend at least one major function of the ministry of each son/daughter per year.
  • Each son or daughter reserves the right to relinquish membership in the House of Elijah at any time once they have served notice to the Bishop in writing.